mileMate is in the App store!

Good morning fellow mileage trackers! Buddy, your mileMate here. The app has officially launched as of November 12th and we are beyond excited to assist you with your mileage tracking needs!


Some of you have already been in touch with us regarding some bugs you are experiencing with the app. The main bug people are experiencing is having to set the rate manually after installing. We are expecting to release an update over the next couple of days to resolve these issues. We are so grateful for your download and patience as we work hard to make the app better!

Have ideas?

Speaking of making the app better, we’ve already gotten some really great feedback on the app and how we can make it better. Do you have an idea or feature for the app that would make your life easier? We want to know! Send us an email and we will add your request to our suggested features for our developers to review.

Til’ next time, friends! Keep an eye out for that update and in the meantime, happy mileage tracking!

-Buddy, your mileMate