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The Importance of Logging Miles

Tax season…we all dread it…we all deal with it. Did you know that one of the most important records you keep for your taxes is your mileage records? Many people everyday travel miles upon miles and know that when tax season approaches, they’re going to need to prove how many total miles they traveled and when.

mileMate has you covered!

So maybe you can relate to this scenario: You travel the same routes every month. Tax season approaches and suddenly you have to prove how many miles you actually traveled. So, what you’ve done (like the good honest Abe that you are) is kept track of the date in your handy dandy planner. Then, after the fact, you google the trips you took and log the mileage. You do all of this a few days before or maybe a week before your tax appointment if you’re not a total procrastinator. But what if I told you that information alone was not enough? The truth is, anyone of us can be chosen for an IRS audit and if that happens, we could be questioned for not logging the exact odometer reading, the date, the car we were using, and the total miles.

I know what you’re thinking; this all sounds like a huge pain keeping track of all that information. Who has the time? Who even remembers to do this every step of the way? Well, this is where the mileMate app comes in. I’ve used mile tracker apps before in the past and they’re great and all, but after a certain number of uses I always got that dreaded, “your free trial has expired but for only $10.99 a month you can get unlimited blah blah blah”. That’s why we created mileMate. You don’t get messages like that because you can use the free version unlimited with no strings attached. That’s right, freedom to track as many miles you want for as long as you want with no pressure to upgrade to a fancier version.

Of course, if the app is working out well for you and you’re pleased with it and ready to get some added bonuses, you can upgrade to get way more features like the ability to track more than one vehicle, freedom from ads, and my favorite: the ability to add clients to trips and create client reports. There are so many more features that come with mileMate pro that I think you’ll be very impressed and satisfied. mileMate is expected to come out soon and we already have over a hundred pre-orders and counting!

We know you’re going to love this app because it was created by people who drive for a living who face the same issues the rest of the world faces when it comes to keeping track of miles. So join me and many others around the world, and pre-order mileMate so you can cover your ass without having to do all the work!

– Buddy, your mileMate

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